College tomorrow! :D
Jan 18, 2011 Tuesday, January 18, 2011 | 0 comments

say hi to kylene :)

I guess I got the NSS (New School Syndrome) wtf
I'm in such ganjiong state my stomach keep producing acid. Which leads to constant hunger. Which also means: I'm eating way too much. FML 

I'm super excited/nervous/scared/worried/hungry wtf.
"College" seems like a BIG word. And I've never been to college. -.-ll

Tomorrow is Orientation day. And I have a to-get-list. *chio like a boss*

1# pencil case
OK this one shouldn't buy first. Have to see the size of ze account-calculator. 

heart pen colour image picture and wallpaper
2# Color Pens :D
Whee! :D  You know lah, Mind maps :)

3# New Phone
No, seriously. I NEED a phone. Ya lah, I have 2 phones. 
One Split screen and always signal-less; the other one cannot call. FML MAX

4# Money for items above.
I know I said I will get a job the last holiday. Apprently I failed lah. Went to Hongkong somo. WTF

5# Dairy Planner
I'm dead serious about getting one this time. AND using it wtf