I refuse to show face cz got peaper call me ugly -.-
Mar 16, 2011 Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | 0 comments


sorry my main dialect is lung language - fei hua. :D

Basically, I don't know what I am high on lately. Just, high. So bare with me :D

I mean, being high is better than being low, which rhymes with slow, following the flow. :D

okay fine i shallup. -.-ll

Anyways, this week I got class. Which also means that all the outings lah, movie lah, party lah, all cannot go. Why? Cuz i got grass class. Dance club also berlazy-lazy-an and skip a lot cuz i cannot free-style. >;(

Ian leaving to UK soon. sho fast. =/ Wonder if I can go to the POTY. Anyone can fetch me? D:

P.S. Ok fine, I lied. Please don't kill me when you find out. -.-ll

Eh, babok. ONE :D
honestly, I thought you would bu yao wo by now. LOL
Ngeh, xoxo <3