You know what's the problem?
Mar 9, 2011 Wednesday, March 09, 2011 | 2 comments

Being a girl is so fuckachino hard. 

We smile, we're flirty; we don't smile, we're lanci. We say fuck, we're vulgar; we don't say fuck, we're fake. 

You know what's the worst? The skinny/fat issue. I know I'm goddamn skinny. BUT I GOT EXTRA BABA ONE LAH KAY. I mean, which girl doesn't complain about themselves? (this is the part where you people come in and say: got. the Perasan Queens)

College has been super hectic. I lost weight like some ferret on steroids. Don't ask me how. I eat a lot. My dad thinks that I am going through puberty all over again, seeing that it kinda failed the first time lah, so you pretty much can guess how much I eat. =) I sleep a lot too. In class mostly. =.=

So now, I cannot fit into my clothes anymore. ): Sho I have no clothes. 
Sho I have to go shopping right? :D :D :D 

*ehem* Lottery please? (: 

so basically, this post is mainly about how I cannot find clothes for my SAM fiesta performance. WHICH IS TOMORROW. geegeedotcomdotmystrokecandienao

k geeteegee. 
loveyouallkthxbye :D 

只是   我很怕再受伤 
这种痛   一次够了