Apr 21, 2011 Thursday, April 21, 2011 | 0 comments

side-parting! =D

credits to idk-who who took this 

I kinda just found it in my camera LOL

I'm a terrible blogger. No niche market somemore cannot supply blog post. So people go for other blogs. close substitutes ma.  *drawcirclesonfloor beremo*

Sole trading very hard one lo FML. wtf ecorns ecorns ecorns

But right but right, (right buts? HAHAHA wtf nvmthispartcanignore wtf -.-)
I die die want to blog laa.. So prease, dear readers, if any left wtf, don't abandon my blog laaaaaaa... I HAS COOKIES. =D 

I should have reviewed the bubble teas in kokoberry. I am a loyal customer of kokoberry iftheyhavepromotion HAHAHAHAH sorry la poor students. 40 types in 7 days. HAHAHAHA Preasedon'tkillme, emakku Frankie Ng dan Khee Wern yang selalu suruh saya mendapatkan nyawawtf my bm damn pro adi lor no need BKA class can ah? LOL -.-

EH I WANTZ MAKAN SUSHI LIKE FAST LAH. Nak ber-emo dengan nemo ahhh.. =D 


Oh, Happy birthday to ze boif  ;D

P.s: You know it is quite scary how your family-related-whoever actually stalk your blog and tell your parents things you don't really exactly want them to know from other people? Yeaaaa.. dear POH-fessional stalkers, prease don't blow my cover thanks. ;D