Sometimes, just MYOB. (:
Apr 25, 2011 Monday, April 25, 2011 | 2 comments

Hi. idkhowtostartthissoimmajustcrap. 

In case you never noticed, I don't like posting about my private life in detail.
At least not about feelings and other pau-like stuff. 
I don't like exposing how my dad/mom/bro/sis/aunt/uncle/cat/dog/fish/cactus look like, or act like.
Cause to me, that personal and private.

I know most of you are mad that I kept my status of being in a relationship a secret. 
( Yes la, relationship la. Kesian the guy la right? HAHAHA. -.- *cough* Anyway... )
And you have the rights to do so. For awhile. I mean, can't blame you for feeling cheated. 
And I did make sure I didn't LIE. I just never did announced I wasn't un-single-fied. :D

But, tak payah la, be mad for so long?  -.-
I do appreciate you being so generous and such a friend, 
but somethings are meant for ourselves. Getwhatimean?
Personally, I don't think my "gossips" are worth the media. 
So what's the fuss? 

If you DO have any problems, don't hesitate to tell me in my face. 
But don't "discuss" and backstab me. 
Behind no eyes, bleed until die only I can realize. WTF.

凭良心讲话  我有当你是好姐妹。
我有很愧疚  我有觉得自己很坏。
当时  我真的以为你是开玩笑的

事后  我真的很内疚
我有想道歉  可是又怕你太生气

如果可以 我一定不会这么做
如果我知道你是来真的 我重新打点过.