Happy 22nd Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Poh ♥
May 1, 2011 Sunday, May 01, 2011 | 0 comments

This is the first time in 3653140354 years i blog an event on the same day. Teehee. :D 

Thanks to Prince William and his new wifey, Kate, my news feed has been flooded with girls who wants to marry princes.
And guys asking girls to kiss frogs. 

i smell jealousy. HAHA -.-


22 years ago, my parents got married on this very same day. :D teehee :D

So, Victoria Station @ Taipan for dinner ;D

 tilt your head! ;P

 3D effect ftw LOL :D 

the 3 sibs :D 

the parents.

No food pictures. LOL
Mom said we look jakun when we take pictures of our food. So yea. ;P
But food mega good =D Generous portion. Omnomnom ;D

outfit of the day ;D 

first time wearing mega high heels 
jakun sikit heeeee =D

Happy 22nd Anniversary ♥

P.S. Cheat post. Malas edit photos la. Assignments banyakkk D; Ngehhhh... LAN exam, Legal project, ESL assignment, Ecorns assignment. Accounts homework. D: GEEGEE -.-