Letter to moi ♥
Sep 2, 2011 Friday, September 02, 2011 | 1 comments

Dear 16 year old me, 

   I know la. You'd probably freak out when you receive this letter. You'd probably be like, "wtf, who is this, waii she use my name to blog. Wtf, green eyes somemore. or is it pink? oh wait, i think it's blue. But it looks brown here. e___e" 
   But yea, just in case la, you manage to go through the black hole and travel back in time and mysteriously got a concussion and lost all your memory wtf. You can read this blog and somewhat predict what's going to happen, avoid all these mistakes so you won't get into shit. Hence, directly and indirectly prevent me from being in shit. Cause I'm you. Kapish?

   So here is the story, when you are 16, you'll go into this very awesome private school. With your cousin. lol. It's going to be very new to you. There will be no school uniforms, no hair rules, no bigass backpack and no perhimpunan. I know how much you hate perhimpunan lol. Your classmates are awesome weird, the whole class. ;) They have a weird obsession of fat faces cheeks, *coughNICcoughcough* hence your nickname, Face and Cheeks. There's going to be a lot of running around to avoid face touching. But it usually starts with your cari pasal-ism. Don't worry, they threaten to bite your face, but only Jenn and Nat gets bitten :P You get bitten when you're 17 wtf.

   This is your first year involved in dancing. ;) Hip Hop for extra co-curriculum. You love it  (Y) You'll be joining a competition. For the first time. Trust me, no one cares about how you dance. So just do it. ;) But you did get into the semi-finals. Sorry, i had to spoil that lol

   You'll be taking Bio, Chem, Physics and Add Maths in addition to the compulsory Maths, English, BM and Computer ICT. Dear girl, please don't hate any of the subject no matter what. Learn to love your lessons. Sirius Scholar made studying fun, don't be stubborn and learn to love it. :) Oh, and you're going to be lazy (as usual) so buck it up yo! No sleeping in class! :D
That's a lie, btw. You're going to sleep in class all the way until you go to college FOL

   Dear 16 year old me, you're very lucky to have friends like these. Remember to stay in touch with your old schoolmates. They are real buddies, really. Especially Brian and Jiahao. haha. Even until you go up to college (yes, you get to go to college), no matter how many times you cancel on them last minute, they'll still ask you out the next time. And trust me, you feel damn bad about it but, aik it just happens. So! Make sure, when you have time, call up on them. :D 

   This is also the year you drift so the very far apart from your green-rose-pig-horse, Andrew. You know how you two used to be so close, talking nonsense on the phone for hours, texting hundreds of messages a day (which you have a lot of problem understanding cause that shalao refuse to use punctuations wtf) and when you skipped classes in kebangsaan school and hid behind his classroom? You two will grow from that, to so far apart you don't even talk in the same class. Awkwardness builds, and you two would just stop talking all together, even if you car pool with him, sitting in the same car with him everyday. 
Don't. Don't let that happen. Don't be the passive shit that let all this happen. It has been 11 years of friendship (for you la, 13 for me fml i sound so old) Don't ruin it like that. Cherish it. It's not everyday you have a friend that knows you since 5 years old. ;)

And most importantly,
   Forget him. Let go. You know you have to. First heart breaks are the worst. But you should't let so many people walk by because of this. You know what I'm talking about. Don't be scared. Give it a chance. You'll be fine. I promise. ;)

Oh and, college year? Not a year for relationships. Studies first woman! ;D

Lots of love ,
18 year old you. ;)

Yes, this is how you're gonna look like. Don't complaint. >:)