In time
Oct 28, 2011 Friday, October 28, 2011 | 0 comments

My current profile picture :D 
credits to Fennie (i think)

sorry la no time to camwhore wtf

3 days to finals HOHOHO fml

Went to college for 2 hours of consultation, then rewarded myself with 5 hours of complete laziness and went to Sunway Pyramid to watch In Time after wtf

But it was worth it la :D 

The movie was kickass (Y) 
Seriously, if you like Source Code or Inception, you should really watch this. :D

Oh! I got to meet the legendary Esther and Marc! HOHO. Cute couple :D 
Though, we didn't get to talk much. 
Sorry la, i memang shy in front of people yang baru kenal wtf

Anyways, if you're reading this, I enjoyed being your lamppost! #justsaying 

Oh and special thank you to CL :D 

Who said ex-es can't be friends,  eh? :D
Oh oh oh! 
PS? Justin Timberlake. IS SUPER CUTE. :P 
So is the girl with hugeass eyes. :D

Kdinnerbai :D 

Blogging makes me a happy girl. teehee :P