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Nov 15, 2011 Tuesday, November 15, 2011 | 0 comments

I just wanna rock all night long 

I am officially a SAM graduate! Tonight's SAM prom was pretty awesome!
Performed with the TDC-ians! First time dancing Latin and Contempt! 
Learnt the choreo one day before performance #likeaboss
Quite an experience la :D

And wearing/walking/running on heels for 6 hours straight is not fun. e__e
 Leg muscle aches like wtf now. e___e

More updates on the prom after pictures get uploaded :P

I'm done with the finals! :) and finally watched Smurf! :D 
Wasn't as smurftastic as I thought it would be, probably cause I had very high expectations. It was cute, but the story was just, meh. I dig sci-fiction more.
But still, watching it was fun la :P

Anyway, next few days will be packed, packed, packed! :D 
I'm going out to hang out with the peoples! :D I'm going shopping, idc. 
Get new heels, shorts, jeans, shirts, bags, shorts, heels, shoes, and more heels. <3

Oh and pick up make up wtf.
Super fail okay, 18 years old still tak tau pakai make up. e__e 

K done with updates! bye! :D 

Most impulsive 11 days of my life. <3
Remember what you promised :)
isy, kemekren ;)