26th Nov - KL day with ze fam ♥
Nov 26, 2011 Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 0 comments

We, ze family and I has been planning to go to Jogoya since year 2010 wtf 
And being awesome procrastinators, the plan was postponed... until today! :D

I was so ganjiong I slept at 4am and woke up 11 am wtf
*note, camwhore pictures flooding this post. wtf

I has awesome talent to camwhore everywhere at all times wtf e__e

ze sis, ze bro, ze me :3 

they pakat to show tongue didn't tell me wtf #foreveralone T.T

I just realised today, that KL is not really that far wtf. 
I thought it's like, 4 hours drive; padahal my dad only took 1 hour to get there. 
(either that, or my dad was speeding la wtf)

We were an hour early for the buffet, so we hung out at Starhill. 

ze top view

To be honest, nothing much to see la. Unless you're looking for a place to max out your credit card la. But personally, I don't really fancy brandy stuff. #pasarmalamkaki :3 

So my sis and I went and camwhored even more wtf

ze sis . ze me
Don't even bother asking what pose that is wtf -.-

My shorts was DIY-ed by moi from a pair of old long jeans! :D

Oh I tried macarons for the first time everrr :D 

macarons from Starhill Tea Salon

they have very nice decos. :3

The macarons were much pricey though, compared to Levain. 
RM6++ each. But it was expected la.

From left: Vanilla, Green Tea, Dark Chocolate, Caramel.

I love love love the macarons.♥ The texture of the cookies were next to melt-in-your-mouth! 

have to be careful not to crush them hard. See what happens? -,-

Caramel was superb! The filing doesn't stick on your teeth like how caramel usually does,  and it isn't too sweet (for me at least). 
Dark Chocolate was... nothing much special about it, really. Too common a flavour I guess?
Green Tea was mild, compared to the previous two. Refreshing and very.. green tea wtf. 
Vanilla was the winner amongst the 4 flavours! Very fresh flavour! The aroma of vanilla was much stronger than the vanilla-ice-cream vanilla. The taste of it was even better! They had rough bits in the vanilla filling. More suitable for the super-sweet toothed. :3

After the whole macaron frenzy, we still had time to kill. So we sat at the waiting place, 
and camwhored somemore wtf. 

ze mom super sporting, volunteer to camwhore with me LOL


then she got distracted wtf -.-

ze sis merajuk cause i no ajak her HAHA

At the mean time, 

ze dad and ze bro super sien face LOLOL

Anyway, note to people going to Jogoya: 
so kindly reach earlier. or you'll have to face the people mountain people sea wtf.

Queueing up is a pain in the ass. wtf

Malas aku nak explain about the food. :P

Overall, food was good, service was good. :) We ate a lot. :3 
I had 15 scoops of Haagen Dazs and New Zealand and more than 12 types of cakes.  
I've never had my taste bud THIS satisfied in my life. (Y)
SUPERB feeling (and filling wtf) #sopunny

Makan session lasted for 2 and a half hours. I ate through the whole session wtf. we berjalan at Pavillion :3 

we took pictures with an iBall and iSolution. wtf

Pavillian has super pretty decos :) 
Fully pumped up with Christmas-ness (Y)

ze me, ze dad :D 

ze mom , ze dad ♥

ze camwhore must wtf

Ze sis and ze bro wanted to visit Tokyo Street. So we did :3 

I can has camwhore even when on the go wtf

ze sis also can HAHAHA
yes, we were walking while camwhoring wtf 

And then we proceeded to the most popular place to camwhore EVEN MORE. wtf

yeap, the tandas (Y)

Okay la, main reason we had so much time to camwhore was cause my dad's stomach went funny after a whole lot of sashimi and raw oyster spam. HAHA.

I'm guessing my family has ADHD genes
 All camwhore half-way get distracted one wtf -__-

Tokyo Street 

OH, we met Shinji on the way there :3 
It was funny la. We were waving to him while he was driving, 
and cause there was a jam ahead, we followed by the sidewalk him and kept waving HAHA

Basically, we jaccun-ed there like no one was watching.

ze dad and ze bro with kickass sake bottle

sales girl said cannot bring camera still die die want to camwhore wtf

In Daiso

We got so bored out of our heads we started camwhoring again. wtf
What! Camwhoring is one of the BEST ways to kill time kay :P

ze siblings ♥

told you my family has attention-span issues e__e

Nerd specs (Y) 
Ze mom said the specs cover half my face wtf

ze brother :D

I saw this zomgsuperubermegawtfbbq cute boy! 

His hairstyle (Y) CAN SO CUTE ONE MEH?

After making sure his parents were not in sight, I started spying on him wtf 
Macam paedophile sia e__e


Yea la, I admit this is a bit freaky LOL

I SWEAR that was all I took. 
And I'm only like that cause I had nothing else better to do LOL.
Dear parents of ze ubersupermega cute boy, please don't sue me if you see this. wtf
Then we left to Sungai Wang.

on the pedestrian street waiting also have to camwhore wtf

I should come out with a book. 
"The life of the ultimate camwhore."
Then inside 236534 pages all my camwhore pictures wtf wtf -__-

OKAY LA I don't camwhore ONLY kayyyy. 
See, I take pictures of surrounding also :3 

spotted this guy with super yeng neon-turquoise hair.
I was so tempted to ask for a picture with him, but then he cross the road super fast wtf

ze dad kena paksa camwhore sama saya HOHO :P

LOL ze bro's face HAHA
Ze brother loves to photobomb me one lor -__-

Nah, SEE! Bomb me somemore la! 
Ugly picture goes into my blog! NGEKNGEKNGEK >:P

Man, Sungai Wang is an awesome place to shop la! Uber cheap somemore (Y) 
Managed to get a bag and 3 sets of clothes under RM100 ♥ 

Vincci is having 50% world wide sales!
Last 3 days! Hurry up if you want to go for it! :D

But the crowd is crazy la, there's no place to try your shoes. So we gave up. :3

Headed back home after 2hours of shopping cause ze dad and ze bro got super bored. 
And I couldn't be more glad cause my legs were close to falling off wtf. 

Note to self: Next time outing yang berjalan-kaki for 9 hours, don't wear 5 inch heels wtf 

Phew, super long post. 
Probably one of the most long-winded post I've blogged.
But I want this in my blog. ;) 

Today was one of the nicest days in my life ♥

toodles ♥

November has been one of the best-est months of my life ♥ :)