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Nov 5, 2011 Saturday, November 05, 2011 | 0 comments

so long since I camwhored with a camera wtf

Finals: 3 down, 2 to go! #aza! :D 

Maths paper at 7 in the morning is not good. e__e 
I mean, I understand that we have to take at the same time, in Australia it would be already 9am. But super unfair lorrr. They're all under big bright sunlight, wide awake while in Malaysia the weather is so suitable for sleeping. 

Fact 1#: Sunlight stimulates the brain cells to work more. 

 We should be given handicap marks la T__T
(okay fine, i didn't check if the fact is a fact, so maybe its a fake fact wtf)

So after the depressing Maths Paper, I went to TDC ♥ And suddenly Brandon walked in with Miss Elaine and another 3 student-committee-something-like-that to interview us. 
I was lying down on the studio floor talking to Nics wtf #awkwardmoment

ANYWAY, after the mini-interview (which I barely said anything la), I went to Lakeside for the first time. wtf. But it was awesome la. Its like a mini city, with many many retail diners. :D

Met CS while I was wandering aimlessly, and so he came along and we both wandered around aimlessly. LOL.
Oh and he eats super slow #justsaying HAHA :P 

 The library is awesomeeeee! They actually have a MAC room! and a theater room! We watched, like, 10 minutes of Twilight: New Moon. Literally watched only. The volume was so low we could barely hear anything. I should pick up lip-reading wtf.

(no pictures cause I have no camera wtf) 

OH and, a BIG, FAT, HI-fiber THANKYOUUUU to the Brandon for giving me 2 lifts! :D And the many many lifts during Re:Production! ;D

* * * * * * * * 

Note to self: GET NEW SKINNY CAMERA #superneed wtf

kthxbye :D 


My new Youtube love, Megan and Liz <3 :D 
Sigh, I wish I could play the guitar. ):


P.S: ILOVEYOUALL who are still reading my blog  ;)