I wish I wish I wish
Nov 11, 2011 Friday, November 11, 2011 | 0 comments

It's funny how life always gets it's way. 

There are so many other ways we could have meet; 
so much possibilities we wouldn't have even known each other. 

Yet we did. 

I did things I regret; I did things I am grateful I did.
And some, I regret the way I approached the issue.

I grew up this year: 
I met people that thought me to love; I met people who thought me how to be loved.
I met dangerous people I never knew exist, I met nice people who are really really nice.
I met awesome people who opened up to me, I met people who back-stabbed me.
I met people who didn't care about me bitching, I met people who bitched along lol
I learnt how to dance without being overly sensitive about people looking,
I learnt how to stfu when I need to.

And much more. 

I swear, if I did hurt or offend any of you, I didn't mean it. 
If you feel cheated or lied to, believe me I have my reasons.
And I swear, lies I told were white lies, or so I thought.

I'm sorry I didn't handle things well. I'm truly truly sorry.
But I swear on my lifetime supply of cheese, I didn't intend any harm.

If you think I was worth being friends with, I'm glad. :)

Please, please, please, don't forget me.