SAM prom '11
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14.11.11 - END OF SAM EXAMS!
Last paper for my SAM finals ended 1.45pm! Celebrated for 15minutes and hit studio at 2.00pm XD
TDC is epic for last minute performances la. This one is probably the most rushing one tho! 3 days in total to learn up and practice for the performance! But lol, because I had exams up till the day right before prom, I only attended the last day wtf 
We put in whatever we could, practiced until 9pm. (Y) 

and of course, we camwhored :P
nic. joyce. me

TDC SAM Congee performers <3 + Mr Ducky

SAM Congee girl dancers :)

me. joyce. chunks. ducky :D 

I had a good morning sleep  ;) 

15.11.11 @ Grand Dorsett Hotel
I'll keep this short and sweet. :)

SAM prom was awesome really! The sound system was awesome, lighting crew was fantastic, and the food wasn't up to expectations but I'm not complaining. :P
I was super lucky! I didn't buy a ticket to enter. long story short, my friend gave me his place! :)

Special thanks to Mark for fetching us peoples to the prom venue! :)

the SAM TDC-ians :D

parachute <3

nics and zhengyii looking super fierce yo ;)

performance - final pose
#Dopesign to the Bboys! Super chio right! Freezing in tux! (Y) :D

And cause I wasn't ready for prom at all, I didn't have a proper prom dress. 
So I used my performance dress as prom dress. HAHA. 
Didn't set my hair or pun fancy make up.
Luckily I asked Nics to lend me her 6-inch heels! Thankyou Nics. :)

Other girls really put in a lot of effort tho! Everyone looked so prettyyy :D 
Guys too! Almost all in tux! But kesian the guys la, formal wear memang limited choices :P

natalie. me . monyun

kenny . me
Every time we take a picture, he'd bend down super obviously.
He said it was to make me look "less short". HAHA

meifong . me
we were commenting on how our pictures always look like it was taken in a club HAHA

me. meifong
This one #forevercannotwin la. e__e 
But she looks super pretty in this dress! Her model-like height (Y)

me. alex

me. dylan
My indigenous buddy! :) my first crap buddy in E7! :D 

me . sam
"hey Sam, what do you study?" "er. SAM."

florance . me
Thankyou for always being there when I need someone. :) 
You're an awesome friend, like seriously. But remember to watch your back la woman! ;P

xintung . me

pepsi . shernong. adwin. me

me . junjie
ini orang superlucky sama saya, got last minute free ticket! :P
awesome nice guy la. :D

me. zhengyii
looking super pretty in long hair! :D

me . junjie . zhengyii

me . yeelei
I friggin love the way her eye smiles ;)

the girls

part of E7

Adrian . me
I like this picture super lot  :)

Nat's fake lashes were super pretty! Dah la her eyes so huge!

the sarahs and I
Both them smart beauties look super stunning that night!
I overheard a few guys talking about how hot Sloke looks ;) 

suelynn. me

suelynn. monyun. me. shane

Zhengyii . me. Jun Jie . Yeelei . Chunkay. Edward

And after prom dancefloor

Super club-ish LOL :D

The dancefloor was empty at first! Then TDC came in to heat things up! :) 
TDC is love <3
And dancing in 6inch heels hurts like wtf e__e

but these are all I can get my hands on now!

Oh and!
candid shot lol
kenny was saying that bending down while taking pictures with me is essential wtf

Happy birthday Kenny!
I'm glad to be the one you came to when you wanted advice and someone to talk to! ;)
All the best to you bro! 
And I'm tall also kay. it's just that you're taller. HAHA

This marks the full-stop to my SAM life. 
Despite all the ups and downs, I cherish every single memory of 2011.
E7 means so so so much to me. :)

hugs & kisses <3
nights :)

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