With nothing but your T-shirt on
Dec 7, 2011 Wednesday, December 07, 2011 | 0 comments

" Heh, sorry. After so long, I still get butterflies when I'm near her. "
- Some awesome dude I know :)

It takes time to believe; 
it takes a lot of it. 

But, girls, not all guys are jerks. 
Just because you were broken once, doesn't mean you can't love again. 
You just have to pick the right one. ;)

Follow your heart,
 but bring you brains with you wtf

P.S. idk what I'm ranting about but yea. wtf
P.P.S. title is from Shontelle's T-Shirt. Also not related one wtf

I wonder if you think about me 
like I think about you.