从哪里起飞 从哪里降落
Jan 10, 2012 Tuesday, January 10, 2012 | 0 comments


I'm always in love. I fall in love all the time.
I fall in love with a book, a song, a scenery, a picture, a quote, a person, a hobby.
I fall in love with smiling eyes, sincere smiles, exaggerated gestures and hearty laughs.
I fall in love with many things. I fall in love with most things.
If I could, I wish I could love everything.
Because there is something to love about in everything.   

一个人维持的关系 我觉得很牵强.
学会了 机会在错的时候来 就不是我的.
这次 我真的离开了 不等了.
哪天你想想见我了 你会来找我的.

我永远是你的朋友. 就算我们再也不联系. :)