Jan 28, 2012 Saturday, January 28, 2012 | 4 comments

So many of my friends are falling heads over heels lately. Probably cause Valentine's day is being around the corner. Happy 18 years of Valentine-less day to me. #foreveralone.jpg wtf.
No worries, I'm not the sour type of #foreveralone la. Not the relationship kaki. It's nice to know that I have friends who get to be together with someone they fancy. (cause love is too mainstream big a word). 

But see, the problem is when a friend comes to me for advice what to do, I get into a shit hole dilemma.

As a friend, it is only reasonable for me to back him/her up, telling him/her to go for the person they like, follow their heart and [insert cliche quote here] wtf. It's nice to fall in love once in a while. The thrill and excitement and to have someone to look forward to meeting. It's nice. 

But what if - I'm just saying what if - the person doesn't like him/her back? A bit sakit right. 

So I end up pulling people back down to Earth when they terlayang. Cause if they get their hopes high, they might get too disappointed no? They'd expect too much, and give up too much of themselves. #truestory. 
And I end up being the bad guy, bursting bubbles, being the party pooper. 
I feel goddamn bad to be honest. I hate doing that. But I know how it feels like being damned from fantasy-land to reality, and it's not pretty. Recovering is a bitch. 

Either way, I feel like a lousy friend. -___-
Maybe it's just me.
Honestly, how do people deal with things like this! ):

Believe that there is someone special for every someone. 
Believe that there is that someone who is willing to accept all your flaws.
Believe somewhere out there, someone will love you as you are.
Believe everyone gets their happy ending.

What's meant to happen, will happen.
If it doesn't work, it's not meant to be.