Friendships like this ♥
Jan 5, 2012 Thursday, January 05, 2012 | 2 comments


Sunway Pyramid outing with ze Xuan and Kath 
Super long since I hang-out this two la! 4 years since last outing with Xuan was.. 4 years ago. HAHA But we never lost touch la. Still as close as ever <3 ;) 

Kath and I has been friends for 10 years now! In primary school, we were known for looking alike. And we became close buddies since ♥ HAHA! 

Xuan and I met in Form 1. Got super close in form 2. ;) That's 6 years of friendship kay! (cause this year 19 liao fml) HAHA! ♥ 

3 of us are super tight la. Talk about EVERYTHING in the world HAHA!
And we always do stupid shit. HAHAHA

Makaned at Kim Gary. Never going there again. Wong Kok's food is much better. More cheese too. :D Then we went shopping! And toured about the IT area. Cough *xuan* cough. HAHA ;P 

We talked SO much haha! Gotta love the babes la ♥ Wished we could talk more la. ;) 

#cheatstyle updates! busy lately :P 

Love Love 

Something tells me 2012 is an awesome year. ;)