My official "Happy 2012" post
Jan 6, 2012 Friday, January 06, 2012 | 3 comments

Hello from the PohSibs :D 

Yes, I know I'm late. 

I just realized I have yet to post a "Happy 2012" post. LOL. 
I mean, it's not essential la, but still. I want to :P 

2012 has been good so far. I enrolled in to ACCA in HELP CAT! :D Tolong Kucing wtf 
CAT stands for College of Arts and Technology. Located at Chan Sow Lin, KL. It's a relatively new building, so the population in the university is really small in comparison with the campus in Damansara. We have less than a thousand students, whilst the HELP University College (HUC) Damansara has around 10 thousand. 

I'm not really used to the surrounding, to be honest. Food choices here are soooo limited! No bubble tea shops near by, no McDonald's, no Pizza Hut, no Subway, no Asia Cafe, no Chatime, no Snowflakes, no Gong Cha, no Sunway Pyramid! The nearest Starbucks is 1.8km away! (I actually googled it up wtf) And to get Subway cookies or Snowflakes, I'd have to take the LRT and KTM to Berjaya Time Square! :( 

Damn, I sound like a blardy bimbo. Haih, I guess I did spoil myself pretty bad while studying in Taylor's SS15. :/ But meh, I live for food (and Snowflakes wtf). And ACCA stress laaa, I need my comfort foods! >:(

But no biggie cause it's not like I'll be eating there a lot la. Most my classes are either before or after lunch. :3

The classmates are so-far-so-good. Everyone is relatively friendly (or just not unfriendly la) but it feels so primary-school again. :/ You know, the guys-mix-guys, girls-mix-girls thing? Haih. But I'm glad I DID make friends la. But then again, it's not like I talk much in school nowadays. Believe it or not, I actually talk less than a total of 20minutes in uni lol.

But they are nice people. :) And, on a brighter side of it, I guess me being quite means I'm more focused in class? i'm keeping my fingers crossed lol.

OH AND I HAS CLASSMATE FROM ZIMBABWEEEEEEEEEE   HEHEHE I love the name of this place! I've been using Zimbabwe every time I need a name for a place in my essays. XD
God knows why, I just love the name! HAHAHA

Holy cheeses, you have no idea how devastated I was when I was told that HELP has no dance club lol. I was mentally plotting my time and way to Taylor's on the spot. LOL. 
And YAY ME, WE HAS! :D :D 

Okay, Disclaimer: I'm not good at dancing la. Cannot free style at all lol. But I just love  :P 

Anyhow, anyway, I'm not complaining. Being alone doesn't mean I'm socially redrawn kayyy, I just, lol, don't feel like talking much lately. :3 

till next time  

我是标准的100分射手座. ;)