No strings attached.
Jan 17, 2012 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 | 0 comments

Dropped by TDC last Friday after selling my SAM books! 
Has been awhile since I went over. 
"A while", by means, is 2 months. HAHA wtf. 
No car la boss. I live 253641354 away. 

Supposed to camwhore one. That ass last minute change pose wtf.

Leaker's going to leave to Aussie in less than 3 weeks sia. :/
Food over there is expensive, and he just started to learn how to cook. By observing wtf.
Told him to rajin rajin learn cooking, he said no need wor. He said want to cook only youtube cooking channel wtf.  
So, good luck living on bread and sunshine! :D wtf


We has matching specs yo! :D 


Guy that never sleeps. (Y) My online supper kaki wtf. 
If I grow fat, definitely his fault. HAHA 
Thanks for the kickass necklace! :D  

Dennis and Kibo

Dancing K pop sia! 
Kibo saw me taking pictures of them HAHA

Don't have solo picture of Dennis and me cause I shy wtf. 
Babi sia, he sold his books for twice the price I sold mine. T___T

Wanted to dance, but then so many people, aku paiseh wtf. Then Jiahao came over to fetch me back to meet up with the Temporarily Nameless gang.

And because he has an iPhone, I happily camwhored in the car HAHA

Went over to his house and had nothing to do cause we were early, 
So camwhored somemore. LOL

Say hi to nerd face, cause 2012 is going to be study year! >:D 

Went over to Brian's and had dinner with his sister and mom. 
Had awesome curry laksa. (I can never remember to take picture of my food wtf)

Brian's mom was super nice through out dinner. :) 
Jiahao super happy cause she said he look handsome with this hair wtf
Thanks for the treat auntie. Sorry if I was weird cause I go totally gelaba when I talk to parents wtf.

We didn't do much really. Just talked, stalked some facebook pages, the boys talked about stuff I don't understand and of course, took more pictures.
The Brain

The YouKen

With the Brian and the Jiahao

The Four Musketeers wtf

Jiahao says he likes this picture cause the 2 of them were coincidentally using the same pose.
Telepathy he says. (Y)

The Eugene. 

He was on the phone LOL. 
He "hold-on-ah"-ed and put the person on hold so can take picture. HAHA

and then we got so bored we started being stupid HAHA
I have the least idea why Jiahao decided to climb up the window. HAHA

I fully utilized Jiahao's iPhone LOL. Instant upload on facebook. 
And almost instantly people came facebook messaging me asking me when I got into a relationship LOL
One of them was my teacher. wtf. See? Never add your teacher on facebook wtf. 
But he's considered friend laaaa. just that I still am scared of him wtf

But no, none of us are in a relationship. :3 
so if you're interest to know them can inbox me. HAHA

HEHE. Anywayyy, day well spent! :D 
I even had subway cookies (Y) HAHA

toodles ;)