Happy Birthday to ze mom ;)
Feb 2, 2012 Thursday, February 02, 2012 | 3 comments

ze mom and ze dad. ;)

1st Feb 2012
Went TGIF to celebrate my mom's birthday! :D 
It was one day before the actual date. but my mom's so caught up with work lately, don't celebrate now don't know when can celebrate wtf. 
It was super last minute. Like, really super last minute. It went along: 
"eh where are we having dinner?" 
"mom's home early. wanna celebrate her birthday?" 
"Can also. TGIF la?" 
"Ok settle" #truestory wtf

So my dad gave us 10 minutes to change and whatnot. wtf. 10 MINUTES SIA. Ironing the shirt took 6 minutes already la. Don't even have time to put on mascara. So I went out looked like a half-ready pale-ass zombie, hence you no see my camwhore face. q(^_^)p

okay maybe one wtf.
Instragram is like, #vegeface savoir. Color effect covers everything (Y) 

No pictures of food cause I was so uber fungry and the guy forgot to place my order, so when everyone got food i don't have food wtf. My order was placed after all their food came, so by the time my Tennessee Burger reached they finish eating already wtf. 
But then again, it's not entirely their fault cause I'm so fickle minded with my order wtf.

And I still prefer Tony Romas.

after we finished with our meal, it was about 10.30pm. Most of the shops in IOI mall was closed already. And the people left were the workers, closing down the stores. (Not that few actually. Enough to play Ice and Water wtf) My dad decided to stop in the middle of the walk way and started to sing the birthday song. So naturally, us three siblings joined in as well. q(^o^)p

and this is us. In the middle of the walk way. Singing the birthday song for the 4th time cause my mom don't know how to use her iPhone camera wtf. 

Oh and just so you know, I have the weirdest parents. Like, really. :3

So before we even decided to go out, when I was blow-drying my hair:
Me: " Eh mom! I got dimples sia! q(^o^)p "
Dad: " Got nipples very fascinating meh? I also got what."

See what I mean?
How to not love them, you tell me? ;D