Mar 23, 2012 Friday, March 23, 2012 | 3 comments


Shit me. Just when I'm starting to be convinced that I don't look super forribly fugly, can maybe possibly pass as 'relatively presentable', I came across this. And you wonder why you never see my camwhore photos anymore wtf.. 
Before you even start judging, I swear I'm not an attention seeking whore. Like, you should really see how I look like when I wake up in the morning, without the big-eye contacts WTF. 
I rely too much on the contact lens . I can't even walk out of the house with my glasses wtf. Like seriously, if I was starving and I had no food at home, I'd rather starve than walk out to dapao fml.
Remember when there was a case where the newspaper reported that color/big-eye contacts were dangerous for the eyes? That they might just cause blindness? I still chose contacts over believing the newspaper wtf. I even gave my ex-boyfriends the authority to dump me if they see my face without the contacts and feel cheated WTF. #truestory. 
I rely on the contacts for confidence wtf. It's has became more like an unhealthy compulsive obsession. :(
Hence, I shall change! :D To uncolored contacts! :D
Soon! ... I think? I hope la wtf. I can't survive like this. ):

Thing is, all these time, I have been ordering via online, and I know none that sells colorless ones. :/ I'm not too sure about the ones in the market too. The ones I found are a tad too pricey. 
I wanted to ask, are there any colorless contacts you'd recommend or advise against? I wear contacts for about 9 hours a day. (It's bad, I know. But haih my classes are so long hours. :/ ) And where can I get them?
Advices please and thankyou! :)