Cause ducks are too cool.
Mar 21, 2012 Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | 0 comments

Ohai :D 
March has been so hectic I have no time to camwhore
So I'm stealing pictures from my friend's camera wtf.

I'm supposed to be asleep and ready for tomorrow's class but I'm blogging here instead wtf.

Cannot tahan la! I spent my past hour of so laughing about the Guy-Jump-In-Taylor's-Lake posts on facebook. They made MEMEs. HAHAHA. 

Picture above just summarized everything. HAHA

There was a video of him jumping in the lake, but Taylor's wants it privated haha. BUT the views hit 11k overnight! HAHAHA Winner la. (Y) He became an overnight internet celebrity! At least in the Uni-student circle la. 
I had people from my Uni, students at HELP CAT, asking me if I "know the guy who jumped in to the lake of Taylor's Lakeside". Famous giler! HAHA

And I'm proud to say that I know this pariah guy. HAHAHAHAHA #WIN! xD

I understand that some people might say that it's a silly thing to do, but, chilla eh? We're only young once, and he didn't kill the ducks wtf. And I don't believe the water is THAT bad, the ducks and goose are still alive with very nice feathers. It was just a fun dare, so stop judging and look at the bright side: he has balls wtf. 

It's 2.30am. I still can't stop laughing when I read other people's comments and posts. Macam orang giler la! -__-