Free Hugs Campaign :D
Mar 29, 2012 Thursday, March 29, 2012 | 4 comments

"Need a hug?" :D

Uni life has been relatively hectic, and I'm loving it. ;) Ever since I've enrolled in to uni, I have been so much more active in club events. I was a little too excited on ECA day and joined too many clubs HAHA 
Free Hug Campaign was held to create awareness among people of what impact hugs can leave to another person. Which, I have no idea what scientifically it does, but I do like hugs. :D 
So what we do, is that we'll walk in groups and offer free hugs to people we come across. But of course, it wasn't that easy. Some people were too shy to accept the hugs, mostly from the guys, and literally ran away wtf HAHA. I guess this is one of the few advantages girls have: we approach people easier HEH :P
Okay so I cheated. I didn't walk around with the rest cause I was having a class, hence arrived late HEHE. BUT I DID HUG A LOT OF PEOPLE! :B

Meet SherTeng and Sinyee
I have a feeling you'll be seeing them a lot on my blog  hahaha

candid shot with WeeOnn :D
See? Hugging makes people happy HAHA :P

I didn't know more than 80% of the people I hugged LOL. BUT! We became friends right after that! :D That's one thing to love about being in HELP CAT. The whole uni is about 400 students only, so everyone knows everyone! And also because of that, the committees also more or less the same people wtf. 
We, the dance club here, did a flashmob too! :D A total of less than 3hours practice wtf. I have no idea how we did lol. But I had fun, the crowd was cheering, so I shall make believe that we were awesome WTF. 
And I have no pictures cause they only took a video of it but no pictures.


It was one of the nicest events I've been involved in! Like, literally nicest. Where else would you see people hugging one another everywhere? :D

Photos all stolen from facebook. My excuse for the lack of photos. :P

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