Mar 13, 2012 Tuesday, March 13, 2012 | 2 comments

my twitter link is daphxien cause daphiexn was hacked wtf.

I've decided to get back on twitter! :D 
Partially cause my lecturers added me as friend on Facebook wtf. 

BUT undeniably, Twitter is an awesome place to rant! And not make sense. 
It's like a legal spam site! I can rant all I want cause, really, no one really reads mine wtf. 
And it's too tedious to scroll all the way back, so everything is left in the pass! #pun intended. HAHA

I spam quite a lot. Just a heads up before you decide to follow me. HAHA
www.twitter.com/daphxien @daphxien! :D 

ta! :)