Two is better than one :)
Mar 4, 2012 Sunday, March 04, 2012 | 0 comments

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This song never gets old. 

Hey peeps. Sorry for the lousy blog posts lately. Couldn't find enough time to blog.
Not like there's anything in particular I can blog about. I don't do good blogging about my daily life.
And I'm being a sloth.
But yea, point form blogging?
- Went to Time Square for a dare with Brian on Thursday. To take pictures with random people: him with girls, me with guys. LOL. It was a retarded dare la. But it was good fun! :D
- SAM fiesta on Friday night! Went down Taylor's RIGHT after class! I was supposed to skip class, but then teacher kata mau teach new things so i decided terminated the initial plan wtf. Super last minute change of plans wtf. Went to get Snowflakes and Subway cookies! :D Super nice to see the TDC-ians again after so long. I miss them so much! The juniors were AWESOME! I'm so serious. I'm looking forward to the next production! ;) AND! Terima kasih berribu-ribuan to the best Loke in the world! :D
- HUC Back2Street performance! :D I was there a bit too early. Urgh. But shan't dwell on that. :D Aino is an awesome company. Had fun poking at Mings and Prings and Bings HAHA. I totally overlooked that we've only met 3 times. LOL. Went for supper with the parents after that. :D

Overall, I'm alive and breathing. :)
Adios! :)

True love appears at the right place, right time and the right situation. 
If the right one came at a wrong time, that someone is not the right one.
Whatever will be, will be. :)