Things get better in time.
Apr 13, 2012 Friday, April 13, 2012 | 2 comments

Shopping day with sis at IOI mall today! 
Hunger Games trilogy box sets were all sold out, AGAIN! :( I've been to 7 different book stores for it already, still nothing. Sigh, so no fate meh? I was looking forward to read them. :( But it's all good cause the mega nice Popular guy helped me place an order so when the book comes I'll know! :D 
On a brighter note, I bought a book, titled No Way Back, colorful post-its and book rings! :D And spent the balance few bucks on tidbits at the snack corner! And we proceeded to fatten ourselves more through out the day hahaha. I bought clothes too! Shopping was exactly what I needed HEHE :P 
AND! To add more happiness, I finally bought a curler! :D And went out with big-eye contacts cause I want to, not cause I have to. ;) I'm really proud to say that I no longer need them, but yea, I still love them. :P 

One does not simply be afraid of change. Because change can be for the good, for the bad, or just plain for being different. :) 

P.S. All smartass-sounding-sentences not cited in my blog, twitter and facebook are "homemade quotes", as said by some smartass on twitter haha. (And no, I'm not haolian-ing. I'm just saying)

从现在开始 只把思念放在心底
就让自己偷偷的 静静的喜欢你