I got exams later and I'm blogging wtf
May 28, 2012 Monday, May 28, 2012 | 4 comments

Okay my mom saw my twitter and commented that my English become like shit liao wtf
And she's not the first one. Like got so many people ask why I speak Cenglish one. 
As in cacat-english, not cina-english wtf. 

In my defence, my English is still not too bad kay. Maybe not as good as before cause I keep using all the wrong words and anyhow also post one wtf BUT I still have my English bones in me(HAHAHA PUN)
What, my blog and twitter is meant to be used as a site regurgitate what I think what.. or more like what I want to say but no one is with me and I'd look siao if I say it out anyway cause it'll look like I'm talking to myself wtf 

BUT Just in case my English teachers come across my blog and get a heart attack for seeing my mad chio Cenglish, 
Hi Cher, I can still speak/write perfectly normal English with correct punctuation at the right places although I have to admit my spelling is still as terrible as ever and I rely on spell check a lot wtf. But I still do my reading and occasionally write. So no worries I wont siasueh you one.

Okay I'm done with my #cheatpost. 
Actually I'm supposed to be sleeping one lor, but brain decided to wake me up and play Tetris battle WTF. 
Anyway, wish me luck for my exams can! :D 

And advanced thank you for your good luck wish wtf.