We're all in this together.
May 8, 2012 Tuesday, May 08, 2012 | 2 comments

" It's the place where one person, if it's the right person, change us all. "  
- Troy Bolton

I finally watched High School Musical 3! After 4 years of it's production wtf. 
I have always been a sucker for Disney movies, and High School Musical was one of my favorites... then came High School Musical 2 which was a bit very disappointing so I didn't watch HSM3 HAHA. 
Not sure if it was nostalgia, or it was really good.. or if it's just me cause I haven't been watching Movies/TV lately wtf but I was up till 6am watching this WTF. "Can I Have This Dance" is so much win! Best song among all HSM songs for me. ;)

Gabriella is pretty much perfect - Extremely smart, nice, mega pretty, can sing, dance, has so many best friends and a cute jock boyfriend who sings, dance, plays basketball, loyal and treats her well. And she lives in a house with a swing bed at the back yard wtf. Mega jelly. 
Now back to reality where no one like this exists wtf.

Watching all 3 HSM movies, it kinda makes you feel like you graduated with them too. And I sound mega stupid saying this, but I kinda just realized I'm a college graduate WTF. Like, I know I've graduated college, and now in Uni, but.. ZOMG I'M IN UNI WTF. And in 3 years time, I'll be working. Working. And be a fucking adult. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY YOUTH LA OMG.

Okay this is scary, wtf I still want to be a kid la omg. I don't want to grow up yettttt. :(