I'm still breathing
Jun 9, 2012 Saturday, June 09, 2012 | 4 comments

Ello! :D
ACCA is not honeymoon at all. Not even the first module wtf. 
Initially I thought maybe I could, you know, cheat a bit slack a bit. But reality came to my face and it look kind of like 

Yea this wtf
So I was like #okay.jpg WTF

ACCA exams mad chigek can or not. Immediately know result one wtf. Cause it's a computer based exam which means like take undang test like that one the result immediately calculated and tada results in your face don't even have time for xin li zhun bei one. Mad scary okay! They should have like a "people with weak-heart cannot take ACCA" warning wtf
BUT good news is I did pass 2 of my papers already la :D 
The requirement is like Pass/Fail only so marks not important one wtf so it's good la I think. Effective good enough wtf 

One more paper on Tuesday and I'm fwee! :D 
Wish me luck wish me luck! Cause I heard this paper is like mad hard and I mad ganjiong cause I really am super scared like serious. It's all theory! And I think my brain is like a RAM only can remember things momentarily off already then forget everything one WTF :( 
So wish me luck okay! 

You have no choice la okay by you reading this post I consider you wish me luck already so THANKYOU! HEHEHE :P