When you get E7-ians together ;)
Jul 15, 2012 Sunday, July 15, 2012 | 2 comments

Gathering with the E7-ians at Italianese@Sunway Pyramid!
There were only the 11 of us, including my English lecturer and her husband wtf. I think we were the noisiest bunch, again lol. BUT I really think it is impossible to be quiet lor! Where got gathering quite one! 
Then again, got me where can quiet one wtf. -__-

The food was really good. (Y) We had 3 large LARGE servings of pasta - I think they were Carbonara sauce with salmon, Alfredo sauce with chicken pieces and Bolognese sauce with shrimp but I can guess only la cause I was busy camho-ing while they order wtf - and a hugeass pizza. Ms Rachel keep asking if we should cancel a few of our order cause like too much for us haha. 
When the food came I also got a shock cause really, the food is enough to serve about 20 people with normal apetite lol. But it turns out we under-order wtf. Then I remember out of the 9 of us who are eating, 6 of them are guys, and Fennie and I, we might as well have counted ourselves as guys too WTF. We're all really big eaters. :3

After the food and all, we still dai dai sit there cause we have no where to go LOL. And this is when we started camho-ing wtf.

The all who came :D 


The brother from another father and mother certified by facebook wtf
AND my aborigine partner ;D

The 3 of us memang extra pattern one. 
I filter already okay. Actually got even more pictures one wtf.

Then we realized that Monyun's camera has this super chio focus face effect! Super funny cox it just zooms into one person's face and it makes it look like the face super huge like mega fail photoshop in laidet one!! 

So we kind of just took picture cox it's funny lol wtf.

To be fair I put mine also even tho fugly max lol wtf

Dylan had to come in AFTER the camera focused on my face cox camera cannot focus on my face with other people beside me. Awkward face shape is awkward wtf.

We sat there, camho-ed and chatted for about an hour after we finished our meal WTF cause the drinks is bottomless what! And we had no where else to go, so saja sit there and talk. :3 But I think the waiters were trying to hint us to leave cause after awhile the waiters just stopped passing by like don't want to layan us like that lol. 
So we took the hint and ask for the bill. RM343.80 lolol. We iz the chio (Y) B)

After we left only realize yuan lai if you walk in TGIF all the way to the back, you will find yourself in Italianese one!! When we walked out from TGIF's entrance it felt like we just came out from Narnia WTF. Really connected one!! I was so fascinated. And of course felt bad also cox the waitress in TGIF super nice sommore say "thank you for dining with us" wtf.

SherNong super got heart, called to say he's coming to meet us just to say hi after the dinner. He couldn't make it cox have to study wtf. Babi mad rajin make me feel super pressure also. -.- 
While waiting for him, us being us, don't know where to go so we just stand in the middle of the mall and block the way HAHAHA 

Disclaimer: All photos are tagged photos taken by Dylan's iPhone wtf. I'm still waiting for Monz to upload more photos too! :P 
My camera is still struggling for its health. I'm still hoping for a kind donor wtf. 

BUT I had fun during every single moment of this gathering! :D So long since I've seen the most of them and so many of us changed so much. :D I think that we're better friends than before, even. :P 
I can't wait to see what happens to all of us in 5 years time. (;