Buka Puasa with Limpahan Kasih Kids (:
Aug 10, 2012 Friday, August 10, 2012 | 1 comments

It was one of those events so memorable I voluntarily post the least flattering pictures of myself WTF

Okay before I even start I want to make it clear that today wasn't one of my better looking days wtf 
I had a test this morning at 9 so I had to wake up at 7 to get ready and all. And I kiasu, don't want to enter the exam hall late. Samore the night before I slept at 2 something! Say only studying, but actually got sambil play game and listen to music so I think considered I bluff wtf Sorrieee T__T 
Then after that got afternoon class! So after a straight 9 hours of college, inclusive of 1.5hour lunch, I went to the Buka Puasa event. 
... Okay la actually I have nothing to complain la Just making up an excuse to look like I'm shitless busy and have no time to doll up WTF Even eyeliner also lazy to draw cause I thought cincai la, uni only what. How I know will take so many photos T___T 
Even my clothes also I close eyes pick one WTF Really very tired this morning can or not T__T

BUT I dai dai want to blog about it so idc la unflattering face jiu unflattering face. 
But promise you won't love me less okay? wtf

All 35 of the kids! :D 

Okay la not all kids. The Limpahan Kasih members ranged from as small as babies (!!) to 23 year olds. They were so quiet at first, but things heated up after the ice-breaking session. :D 

At least I think that's how his name is spelled la wtf. 

At first I thought he was like 3 or 4, but he's 6!! And his ambition is to be a policeman (Y) 

They are really very small sized one lol.

The girls even more shy than the guys! They talk very softly but all so polite and well-mannered! I gave one of the girls my goodie bag (cause I bueh paiseh people give orphans goodie bag got extra so I also take lolol), and she very shyly said "thank you kak" and smiled at me. Wo xiang wo lian ai le WTF HAHA

KunHung came too! Two of us forever high I dont even know why HAHAHA

Before waiting for masa buka puasa, we killed time with taking pictures with all of them lolol
Jenhur and I!

My back and the emcee, Ken lolol

The girls! 
Idk how many times I'm going to repeat this but SO CUTE CAN OR NOTT!! The girl on my right, her dimple madness pretty!! She sat beside me during the game session and I conveniently put my hand on her shoulder and then after awhile I happily only lie on her back. She laughed and ask me syok or not!! 

Okay so the girl on my right didn't look that jolly. But I think it's only cause they're tired and hungry la. She's very mature for her age. They all looked out for each other, but she looked out extra closely for the two younger ones (the one on my left and the girl sitting on a kak's lap). And she smiles back (:

Another shot with the other students! 
Mega nice people, serious one!! I don't know their names la but they were so nice!! The two ladies on the far left of the picture were fasting too, but they helped out distributing the food to the kids and didn't show the slightest sign of being tired or hungry I couldn't tell they were fasting! Mad salute really. (Y) 

Another picture of the younger ones! 
See the boy in green on the right side of the picture or not! MAD CUTE REALLY. He has a secret handshake with KunHung! They only know each other for 2hours I also dont have secret handshake he got what is this T__T 

Neh I told you got baby also.

The kids were so much more active after the meal! Cannot stop talking one! HAHA Coming from me, it really means they talk a lot okay lolol. Seeing them play with each other is just SHO CUTEEE ♥

Overall, it was a night well spent! Meeting new people, all super nice ones. Having fun with kids. One of the best nights ever ♥ (: