I'm blessed with a family everywhere I go. (:
Aug 25, 2012 Saturday, August 25, 2012 | 1 comments

Just cause I'm wearing the same top lol

Gathering with the RS is always great. Especially when it's at the Goat's heh :P
I love how we say things completely irrelevant, but we somehow find it funny.
I love how a laugh can be so contagious, and funnier than the joke itself.
I love how playing Taboo showed how, although random, we're still united - how else would we have guessed the same but wrong (not to mention inappropriate) answer HAHA wtf.
I love how jokes just come without us having to try, and we actually get each other.
I love how I know I can completely stop thinking with these people.
I love how we don't have to try too hard to keep a conversation going.
I love how I don't have to make sense at all when I'm with these humans.
I love how I always feel that we don't have enough time with each other. That every time we leave, I look forward to the next gathering.
I love how, even if we don't meet as often, we're still as close as ever. (;

Beh and Liv are leaving very soon. I swear I'm even making it up when I say that I miss you already.
And later next year, it'll be John and Xuan, then Goat, then Kenz, Liyon, Andrew and Nick.
God I don't even want to think about it until the time comes haha.

But no matter. I cherish every one of our gatherings no less. 
I remember leaving RS and thinking college was hell. I take back the part where I say college was hell, but I can't deny that being apart RS is something I miss a lot. And I still do.

Being a good friend is not my strongest point haha But trust me when I say that I value our friendship a lot more than I show.
I love these people. I really do. (:

Anyhow, 25.8.2012 - tonight, was a night very, very well spent. (;

I'm grateful for being blessed with wonderful, lovely people I can consider family throughout my life no matter where I go.
I am truly blessed for that.