Forever cheesy, forever love. ♥
Sep 30, 2012 Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 1 comments


I know I've said this 3567285 times but I'm so so so grateful for all the people in my life ♥

I'm so very blessed for having parents who we can talk to like best friends. I love that we don't have a "conversation age gap". On serious matters, they'd still play their role as being the best parents they know how to be. At other times, we make the most inappropriate jokes and hold random pointless conversations like what if tape worms start evolving into eating mosquitoes would they be like frogs with no legs wtf.

Most girls would die for a girl best friend and I'm extremely blessed to say that my best-est best friend is also my sister. The things we do together, when put in words, they sound insignificant, but you know what they say: the best moments are those you can't describe - you have to be there. I love love love how we talk about everything and anything between life and blue veges wtf. I love how we make up so fast after a fight. I love how we're at complete different ends in so many things but somehow we just can completely be ourselves when we're with each other and enjoy each other's company so so much.

And by now I should also throw in that I'm grateful that everyone in my family has a lame bone cause they always get - and laugh - at my lame jokes even tho sometimes I also no ears to hear myself wtf

I consider myself extremely lucky. I'm blessed with the best people at every stage of my life. 
I'm blessed with so so so many true friends! 
I love love love the Proz ♥ I love how we plan nothing, and just wing a great night. I love how we are always so comfortable being with each other even if we don't meet very often. I sometimes forget that we practically completely lost contact for a good 2 years. I love that they've seen me at my worst, but still accept me no matter. I love that we can talk about everything together. Time spent with them is just gold, really. (;
Extra love for the girls cause we have whatsapp HAHAHA Despite the fact that Pam's in US and Lby's at Taiwan and the rest of us busy with school and whatnot, we still keep in touch all the time. (; My phone's battery has been drying up a lot faster lately thanks to the constant WA buzz HEHEHE 

And the uni-bunch! I love love love the uni bunch They've made uni-life 863536543654times more interesting for me really. We're so good at hanging out and being asses to each other it's almost impossible to guess that we've only met this year HAHA I love how we're completely open with everything. I love how we can just be when we're together. I love that I know it's okay to be the siasueh-est of me LOL and talk without flitering the things I say when I'm with them  I love that they are genuinely kind and nice. I love that they're happy people who finds joy in the simplest.

Special love to the two bestest humans I trust most! I honestly think that you both are the only 2 humans who have seen my closest-to-ugliest and idkhow accept it and still choose to be part of my life wtf. The times we spent together. The things we talk and do. I love love love everything about us I can't even pin-point what. It's just right that way. ;)
Thank you for the many many many times I tumpang your car cause I suck at driving hahaha Thank you for being so onz when I jio movie. Thank you thank you thank you for being there, and wanting to be there, when I needed you. Thank you for trusting me when you needed someone. Thank you thank you thank you for all the things I can't even make myself type here cause too drama lolol

I love how, with all of these people, I can completely be myself with. I love how I know I'm accepted as I am. I love how I know I can trust them. I love that we enjoy each other's company. I love that we want to be with each other. I love that, being with them, doesn't matter what we do, it's enjoyable.

And of course there are so many many more of you I love. Including you gaiz who actually bother to read this post for real one. But if I continue ranting about the people I love I'd probably be the first person to find out that blog post also got word limit one lol wtf

People say that one of the best things is to feel belonged. I'm extremely extremely blessed to feel belonged with so many. (; 
I've said this a thousand times and I'll say it a thousand more: I'm truly truly blessed with every single one of all the loved ones I have. 

Thank you thank you thank you.