Sep 28, 2012 Friday, September 28, 2012 | 0 comments

Okay I needed to post this somewhere but twitter has the shitty 140 character thing and Facebook is way too public  lol wtf

So I bumped into this guy out of chance a couple of times. .. okay not the very chancy kind of chance la Like I kind of know that I'd bump in to him one but not neccessarily confirm will so still considered out of chance la right wtf
I kept thinking how he looked very familiar but idk who he is cause I'm sure I don't know him so I thought he must be some blogger I came across while strolling on the net BUT IT'S NOT ALSO! I know the blogs I read one ba. Bo bloglink-with-led-running-lights image in my brain when I see his face wtf.

I think I look famliar to him too cause I think I saw his I'm-trying-to-recall face hahahaha

I felt bad cause what if I actually really know him but I don't remember! Hi-bye friends samore not so bad, but what if I owe him a favor!! My brain decided to play shitty senarios like maybe he was my highschool senior or helped me cross the road my pass life but I don't remember wtf. Then after several attempts nao my brain so luan I cannot differentiate made-up senarios and reality WTF

BUT THEN out of an almost-zero chance, I stumbled upon his pictures on facebook.

Apparently he's my friend's friend's boyfriend/ my cousin's senior/ my sister's friend's friend etc very far cannot relate to me at all person.
And he appears a lot in my mutual people's pictures so no wonder he look so familiar hahahaha

So yes moral of the story is that you should not kepoh other people's facebook too much cause or else your friend or not also cannot remember wtf