Movie Review - House at the End of Street
Oct 4, 2012 Thursday, October 04, 2012 | 0 comments

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Recent divorcée Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) and her teenage daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) move into a large, plush home in an upscale neighborhood that was a steal because it's situated next to a house where a husband and wife were killed four years earlier. Their snooty neighbors, explain that the victims' young daughter, after suffering from brain damage for years due to a playground accident, snapped one night and murdered her parents. The girl disappeared, and it was assumed she drowned in a nearby lake, although the body was never recovered. The reclusive older brother Ryan (Max Thieriot), who was away at the time of the tragedy, has chosen to stay in the house, much to the chagrin of neighbors who would prefer the house be torn down rather than see their property values dwindle. Elissa is immediately drawn to outcast Ryan, but she doesn't realize that buried deep within his house is a shocking secret that could cost her her life.

Overall: 8/10
Giving most credits to the twist in the plot! Thriller has always been my kind of thing, but it's not always you get one with a decent plot. 
The build-up was rather boring haha I personally find the character Tyler very extra lolol. It's like they don't know what to do with the boy wtf. Actually, asides of Sarah, Elissa, Carrie-Anne, Ryan and the Police, most the other characters also extra one. Contributed nothing to the story lolol BUT things got exciting after the first 40 minutes abouts. 
Not going to spoil the movie for you but it's REALLY worth watching! Better than Sadako and Possession I swear lol 

Throughout the movie, we were both curled up on the chair, covering our face, and dengan mengsiasuehkan-ly jumping out of shock wtf. Thank cheesus we sat at the side not many people can see haha 
But I think people who watch horror movie with me also used to it already my reaction forever a lot one WTF haha 
Sincere apology to the humans who sueh-ly got the seats behind me wtf

P.S. Walao eh I just realized I got the movie title wrong and went around telling people the movie was called Horror At The End Of Streets WTF Public apology to those who I have misled wtf

Mega thanks to Churp2 for the Premiere Screening invites! :D