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Finally not webcam photo! :D

I have this very big issue where I can never remember to take photos of food wtf. Unless I see other people taking photos of it or if it's in my jobscope wtf On normal occasions I cannot remember to take one!! The curse of the goldfish brain fml. 
And even if I remember, I still don't. It's not like I don't want! It's just.. hen paiseh one lor make everyone wait for you to snap photo only eat. I shaii LOL
But can one la. I just have to learn how to snap pictures really really quick.

Got guest in my house these few days! :D My aunt from Aussie came for a visit! Then tomorrow she's going for a 10 day Europe trip with my other aunt. WO YE YAO QUUU T__T But my two aunts want to 二人世界 so okay.jpg wtf 

Left: M&Ms Nuts. Right: M&Ms Coconuts.

THE KOALAS SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN CAN'T EVEN. It's a wristband! There's a pocket to store idk what also hahaha haven't figured out what to do with it BUT IT'Z THE CUTEZZZZ
The M&Ms were heavenly! I think Aussie's land more chio or something. The peanuts they grow also so much bigger compared to Malaysia's one! The taste really different for real. Their peanuts nicer wtf. 
I've never seen coconut flavor one lor!! Tasted like Bounty, but more chocolatey and without the coconut shred-thingy. It was fresh la and I liked :D but my sister didnt haha. Which works fine cause I get more! HAHA

No pictures of the actual M&Ms cause finish eating liao hahaha wtf

Okay short update is short cause I got exams on Wednesday again. I still got I think 7/8 of the syllabus haven't cover FML My life forever exams one haih. And every time I got exams, interesting things happen one. I WANT TO GO CHURPOUT EVENT ALSO LA LAOSHI How come laidet T___T

ANYHOW, wish me luck okay!! :D
Loveewws xx