#RIP Amanda Todd
Oct 14, 2012 Sunday, October 14, 2012 | 0 comments

I died a little bit more inside for every minute watching this video. 

Nobody deserves this. Yes, so people make mistakes. We do things we regret after. We all do. But no matter how big or small the mistake is, it's not enough to make someone live a life hiding forever. 
No one should be judged by the mistakes they make. It's not fair. Mistakes are wrong doings in the past, why bring it to the present? Just because someone did something that is not aligned with your values, you pick on them? They did things even they themselves don't consider glamorous now, but the past should not follow. 
It's difficult to move on. It is. I can't say I fully understand, but I know. Some people make it very difficult to forget, or at least to put behind the things we try to. They are the ones who don't understand that what we do don't define us. The person who did the things we did, is not the us now

What I'm trying to say is that, before you do anything, please put yourself in the other person's shoes. How would you feel if you were treated the same? How helpless will you feel, wanting to erase your past when people see it as part of your identity? Why do you go out of your way to make things difficult for people? Do you really want them to die? Do you really enjoy seeing others unhappy? 

I don't understand. I really don't.

Everyone says the same things, more less. Amanda Todd is not the first person being bullied. Not the first few taking their lives because of bullying, either. 
We say "stop bullying", but what does it take to make people actually understand the consequences of teasing out of thrill? What does it take to make bullies understand that making their victims feel bad about themselves won't make them more powerful? 
What will it take to finally make all these sink in? 

This post is almost redundant, but I'm posting it in hopes that by reading it a few more times, it will finally make all these sink in.
I didn't know you, but I really really wish I could have been there for you. I really really do.