Safe Haven
Oct 11, 2012 Thursday, October 11, 2012 | 0 comments

"Imagine a library filled with every book in the world, none of them have titles on the cover and the pages are blank, but when you open one you are instantly transported to the world within the book. You get to live the story as any character for as long as you like. And when you come out of the story, almost no time has past in the real world."
(source: tumblr)
Sums up heaven, pretty much.

Today I'm grateful for time.
I'm don't know how to put these into words, but I don't know, I feel the need to thank time wtf. I like doing the things I do. I like to do things at my pace. And I thank time for making it possible. I thank time for making me realize the things I really want and actually truly love. I thank time for letting me think thru things before making decisions. I thank time for allowing me to get to know people better; to understand that no one is like what they look like, that everyone has something about to love. I thank time for letting me identify those who are important and those less.
I thank time for teaching me lessons I wouldn't have learnt otherwise.

I'm grateful for distance.
I thank distance for showing me that I have the best friends around me. I thank distance for proving that relationships, be it any kind, will be strong if they're strong. I thank distance for making every meet-up so valuable. I thank distance for making me realize how special some people are. I thank distance for showing that some trust are so strong. I thank distance for showing how much people actually mean it when they say they miss you and how much effort they actually put in.
I thank distance for being space.

I'm grateful for differences.
I thank differences for making everyone unique. I thank differences for variety. I thank differences for making everything more interesting. I thank differences for teaching acceptance. I thank differences for making me learn that being comfortable with yourself is the only way to fit in. I thank differences for the different kinds of friendships I have, but all awesome nonetheless. I thank differences for showing me the kind of people I want and don't want to be. I thank differences for giving me different perspectives to see things.
I thank difference for making every kind of love possible.

Today, I'm grateful of everything I have, everything I don't, everything I know, everything I have yet to.
Abstract, you are, but I'm grateful of you. Crazy as it sounds. But I wouldn't be me if it weren't for you. So yes, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.