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Xpax has been giving out amazing gadgets EVERYDAY worth RM 10,000 for Whatchuwant campaign! 
What kind of prizes that worth RM 10,000?
 That would be Samsung 40" Full HD LED TV, the Pioneer Blu-Ray Front Surround System, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0" and Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100! All these exclusive for Xpax members! 

All you need to do is just DIAL *128# to pick any of the Whatchuwant packs customized your needs and stand a chance to win these awesome gadgets daily!

For more information, click HERE.

Whatchuwant is also giving out a once in the lifetime opportunity for Xpax members to pimp their rides with MTV Pimp My Ride! Meaning, instead of getting getting the gadgets, you will win a complete makeover for your car AND be featured on the first ever MTV Pimp My Ride show in Asia!!

And being extremely lucky! Nuffnangers are given a chance to get their ride pimped by MTV Pimped My Ride too in  the WHATCHUWANT CONTEST too! :D

And so,
this is my ride LOL

What? This is for real my usual ride wtf. I go to college/Sg.Wang/TimeSquare by this. Mega efficient. Don't need to be stuck in the jam samore lol. 

If I could have my ride, the LRT, pimped, I want it like this!
Every morning see chio pictures, go to school also got mood to study ba

What? I really no car what wtf

BUT My parents car can always use some pimping! ;D 
I really love this car, cause it's really suitable for accident prone people. Like me lol.

There was once I langgar right into the wall of an old factory. The wall crumbled down LOL. I kid you not. The car was slightly dented. But a few knocks from the opposite way and it went right back into shape (Y). 

So I asked my dad if I want to pimp the car can or not.
At first I googled spoiler and he was like, "neh this is spoiler."
so I ask him why he so boring one lol. Then he say okay then he want

Like this. LOL.
Wtf. I think I prefer him boring HAHAHAH.

BUT. If I were to pimp this car, I'd put in
a subwoofer.

I really like car stereossss. Like REALLY like. 
Ah yea la. I sour grape one every time I see a car with big noise I sure must comment say things like "small car big noise" lolol. But I really like themmmm. I like how my ribcage vibrates when the stereo does a beat (Y)

My dad is not very fond of loud music. Completely the opposite of fond, if I'm being honest.
So I really wish for the car to get pimped so that my dad will give me the car HAHA

He better not see this lol wtf

BUT for nao I can haz pimped mini-cooper-model I also happy la HOHO
I did it while I was having fever, got handicap marks or not wtf

But it's not me who's going to pimp your car la so no worries HAHAHA. okay.jpg.

First guy getting his ride pimped! Mega lucky guy from Pahang! 
If you're an Xpax user, it could be you next! (;

 Remember to check them out if you're an Xpax user! I hope you win! :D