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Oct 14, 2012 Sunday, October 14, 2012 | 0 comments

Camho pictures all bluff one wtf

I'm so reluctant to study nao so I camho wtf.
So many things to study I don't know where to start! But then don't start then forever stuck so hao I also dont know fml

I'm done reading the only interesting book I have left wtf. Currently in the mega sad I don't know what to do in life state cause I just found out the book is like the 7th book in the series like WTF HAO NAO!! No surprise liao if I start to read from the first book cause his wife died in between the series but I read that one she die already wth. but laidet I also bo gian read the ones after already -__-
Then again I've never seen the series sold in any of the book stores in Malaysia la. BIG BAD WOLF SALE. Y U NO HAPPEN OFTEN T_________T

I need a new phone lol. My phone really cannot until cannot cannot already wtf. The earphone lubang idk how I managed to crack the sides of it so nao it cannot sense my earphone fml. And the screen also cannot detect my fingers properly. Sometimes cannot even pick up calls also haha. 
... I managed to cacat-fy a nokia WTF.

I know this post quite pointless also la. But I had to blog. Partially cause I'm looking for reasons to procrastinate lol. But also because just nao I was reading about Grigori online and one thing led to another I was on a paranormal-issues webpage wtf. I didn't understand what poltergeist meant so I googled the meaning and forgot that the search result consists of images also FML. 
So nao I mega paranoid lolol. Anytime got sound I also jump hahaha and to think that I'm going to watch Sinister soon hahaha I can go dai nao.

I blogged all these in 15minutes leh. Including camho time LOL. Cheat post is cheat one (Y)
K I'm done. Thank you for wasting 4minutes of your life wtf baii.