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ohai :3

ACCA is a crazy degree. I mean, there are so many reasons as to why I love my course a lot, but 6 hours classes on most my Saturdays is not one of them hahaha. But to be fair, the lecturers were working on a Saturday too. And it's not like I'm the only student. There were like 25 of us. Or 58 idk lol. 

Last Saturday, leboyf picked me up for dinner after class @ SSTwo Mall. 

On a completely irrelevant note, I should really put in some effort to look at least presentable when I go for classes. Everyone can tell whenever I have plans after class cause they say I look nice. What a subtle way to tell me I look awful on normal days LOL wtf.

Leboyf even borrowed his sister's camera cause I dont have lolol. 

Additional irrelevant note-to-self to fix camera. Again. Lol. Bo bian lor. Lao poka camera is laidet one.

Cause got camera so I camho HAHA wtf

I think this was when the boyf was telling me how to get to the mall cause I've never been there before this. He was like "Eh remember, after the toll, turn left, then go staight then 1/2/7/38th lane turn left/right, then after the round about go left/right, then go all the way straight/left/right." or something to that effect I cannot remember wtf. Then he heard the camera clicking so he was like, nevermind. LOL. 

BUT doesnt matter cause we reached there anyhow! :D Too early in fact lolol.
SSTwo mall is a dead mall lol. There was almost nothing. Most the shops were either vacant or not open. Which is odd, given it was a Saturday. Even the directory was half blank wtf. 

I don't remember how but we ended up shopping HAHA. It started off as window shopping, but idk how lol.
Say hi to leboyf  (^▽^)o

Pink shirt cause I made him try it on HAHA. Cause I've never seen him in pink. But no. lol. Got some other colors instead. But say real one I prefer him in dark color shirts lolol. 

while waiting for leboyf to try on some other shirts lolol.

Thank god for big bags cause I completely forgot that Saturdays were no plastic bag days lol. 
Then again, it didn't feel like a Saturday wtf. 

After getting leboyf's stuff stuffed in my bag - it wasn't easy cause I have this problem where I somehowly manage to fill up my bag no matter how big my bag is wtf - we headed for dinner. 


@ J Tean Kitchen
The first fusion Bak Kut Teh burger in Malaysia.


I love the ambiance of the restaurant! :D I love how it was decorated in a very Chinese manner. Tho, judging by the looks of it, the seats on the inside didn't look comfortable haha. 
We took a seat outside cause they had fancier chairs hahaha #shallow wtf.

Despite it being near peak dining hours, there were only a few other diners. For some, the lack of customers in a restaurant might be off-putting, but personally, I prefer dining in places without a crowd. Unless I'm with a crowd lolol.

I expected the food to be served very much quicker than it did, judging by the orders they'd get, but no complaints there. We were pretty occupied doing what I do best.

♬♪♫ ヾ( ^^)ノ ♬♪♫

Swear on potatoes the boyf very willingly camho with me lo k.
Samore say what I like to camho cheh. HAHAHA.

Sub-point being we had enough time to camho so much so yea hahaha wtf.
J-Porky Bun ( J 招牌特制长甜包 ) - RM 16.90 
served with a reasonable portion of wedges.

 It's definitely J Tean Kitchen's signature dish for a reason. The size of the burger is slightly bigger than McDonald's Prosperity burger. The buns are to die for! Mad love the crispiness of it. According to leboyf, they are mantao buns. A tad bit sweeter than the usual burger buns, but compliments the Bak kut teh pork patty well. 

Lion Head ( 狮子头 ) - RM 7.90
with a serving of acar at the side.

Each of them were about the size of a table spoon. The pork balls were more on the tough side and didn't have much taste. 
I find this dish disappointing. Mainly because I had really high hopes in this Lion Head in particular because of this Mandarin drama,  《神医喜来乐》 lol. In the drama, it looked bigger and yummier. Like this
I feel cheated LOL.

J Soup ( J 招牌特制美味肉骨汤 ) - RM 6.90
Bak kut teh soup served in a bowl, covered with a layer of puff pastry.

And this was when I concluded that I really like pastries lolol.

The soup was really just what it is - just soup. No meat whatsoever. I love how the puff pastry soaks up the Bak kut teh soup. If you're one who prefers clear soup Bak kut teh over the stewed one, I 'd recommend this. 

The overall bill came up to a sum of RM38 for two, inclusive of service charge, which was, in my opinion, reasonable. Bonus points for the surrounding! :D

After dinner, we strolled around for a bit, and then decided to go to the Times bookshop and hanged out there until the people asked us to leave because they were closing lolol. So we left for mamak session with le bunch. :D
I love mamak sessions with leboyf and gang. We talk about the most random things - sometimes nothing, sometimes everything, sometimes I lose track wtf - but it's always time very well spent with very awesome people. (:

This is the longest post I've written in a long time. I promise promise promise more posts after my finals! Last 3 weeks to buck up and put in everything I've got. (ó ì_í)=ó

Special mega extra thanks to leboyf for the emergency study supply kit hehehe  (´ ▽`)o♥♡

Wish me luck! ta.ヾ(・ω・)ノ