Bonjour, Novembre.
Nov 13, 2012 Tuesday, November 13, 2012 | 0 comments

Sideways! (:

So much to update about! But no such time. Hence, point form wtf.

5 Nov - Skipped exams cause Eve ate the friggin apple when God told her not to wtf. Fucking cramps were so bad I wished I was a guy lol. Then again, I make the same wish every month wtf. But later in the afternoon boyf came over with Starbucks hohoho #GoodLuckDaph lolol

6 Nov - Finally tried Ikea meatballs! :D For the first time ever. Admittedly a bit slow, but better late then never! :D Better late than so early addicted too wtf. The sauce iz da bombzzz (Y) Winning vanilla icecream is winning too (Y) Le fam mega love the currypuffs leboyf got for them hahah :p 

8 Nov - Went to Nuffnang office to collect Vincci and my Thursday Plantation moisturizers! :D Took my sister and I 1 hour to find that place lol. Then went shopping at TimeSquare with le sis! :D Bought some clothes I have yet to figure out what occasions to wear to, and exercised enough self-control to resist buying shoes I know for sure I have no where to wear to wtf. Awesome day was awesome cause I had Subway cookies and awesome bubble tea hohoho. #TeamSubwayCookieForLaife 
And then took an extra like 1 hour to reach home cause we got in to the wrong LRT LOL. 
But it's all good cause after that I had awesome dinz with lefam! :D Super long since we last ate out together on a weekday haha. 
After that, went to hangout with leboyf and his mamak gang! :D The things they talk about are the winnest of the winnings (Y) First time in so long I laughed so hard I could feel abs growing. And the same night, I also learnt how to start a car if the battery dies haha :P

10 Nov - Went help out at lemom's friend's kindergarten graduation ceremony! :D I really cannot work with kids. Even worse with kids' parents' lol. 
Spent the rest of the day at my grandma's, which only means that I was eating throughout the day wtf. On days like these, I thank god for my speedy metabolism and my bamboo bod lol. 

11 Nov - Went to Summit. Finally got a book to read hallelujah. 
Not the best day ever. Shall skip lol.

12 Nov - Another day out with leboyf and bunch. :D Steamboat dinner at Alex the Zhyun's house! I've only met him a couple, but it's the first time anyone had seen Alex all stressed out. I'm honored LOL. I kid. Tho it's true lol. Had my popcorn craving fixed the same night! #GoodLuckDaph lolol. Best part of the night, was the people. Everyone was so nice, it took no effort to fit in. I guess I got way too comfortable, JeanWei and SuePing said "the last time we met you were so quiet, what happened today." LOLOL. I blame it on the sugar lol. 
All in all, one of the best nights spent. :D I've lost count of my "best day/nights spent" lol. 

P.S. I'm grateful for twitter to help me keep track on my past events lol. Or else I also cannot remember what I've done on what day lol. I'm also grateful for instagram, for having awesome filters so I can cheatly use the photos there and post a post wtf. 

I give up. Every time I say I'll do a short post, I end up ranting on and make the short post long wtf.
K. Finals in 18days. It's not even funny anymore lol. 
I'll be back soon. With a new cam, hopefully. (;