Movie Review: The Golden Couple
Dec 20, 2012 Thursday, December 20, 2012 | 0 comments

Date: 19 December 2012
Venue: TGV Cinema, Sunway Pyramid


"The Golden Couple" is a story set in a city where a young brilliant advertising executive earns big bucks for his work, owning multiple credit cards and leads a lavish lifestyle. But due to poor financial management, his life soon turns into a debt-ridden nightmare. (source)
Directed by Malaysia artist Ah Niu, staring Taiwan actor Mike He and Singapore actress Fiona Xie. 

Overall: 6/10
A very predictable plot, really. Cute, rich guy goes after girl who doesn't want him back, goes broke, shows pitiful side, girl wants him now wtf - just like every other Taiwan "idol dramas". If you are into shows like Devil Beside You (惡魔在身邊) or 100% Senorita (千金百分百), and want to watch everything in 2 hours, omitting most of the complicated parts, this would be your calling wtf. 

Their chemistry was cute, but looks a tad bit awkward, I don't know how to put it. It was a bit unnatural. And it was, forgive me for repeating, too very predictable. But credit where credit is due, their comical timing and sense of humor made the movie very much enjoyable. I laughed out loud for a couple of scenes. Then again, I laugh at almost everything wtf.

But, in my honest opinion, Fiona Xie is dead hot. So if you're there just to see Mike He's pretty face and Fiona Xie's hot everything, bon apetite wtf. Oh and if you enjoy watching Mike's attempts at speak Malay, stay till the end of the movie!

P.S. Sizzling longevity noodles is new addiction! Great day out with the babi bro Hujan! :D