So I'm back
Jan 15, 2013 Tuesday, January 15, 2013 | 0 comments

It's only the first half of January and there's already so much happening.

Me and one of the best things of my life (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)

Hi this is my sister on the right. 
We're now studying in the same college cause we swag (҂'̀⌣'́)9

Haha no la. We really swag la but that's not the reason why we're in the same uni lol wtf. 

So grateful for her. The one and only person I really actually trust and annoy all I want lolol.
No seriously I talk to her about almost everything from relationship problems to complaining how I cannot get pass maze 2 level 20 of Pudding Monsters wtf. 

Just a heads up, she's taken. By me wtf.

My BMO wannabe Note2 and Jake the i'm-not-using-anymore pluggie! :D 

Finally, finally bought myself a proper smart phone
Not that I am complaining about my nokia C6 cause it served me super well And is still working actually. I initially only wanted to get a new phone after my C6 is certified dead, but its a Nokia wtf. I waited for 6 months also cannot spoil so i give up waiting wtf.

 I was contemplating between Samsung S3 and Note2. Many urged me to get the Note 2 but frankly I was in love with both phones almost equally. 
The true reason behind choose Note 2 over S3 was that Jake would be too huge for my S3 wtf. So I chose a bigger phone, which was the Note 2, so it doesn't look too oversized WTF. 

But now my dad refers to me as 那个电话大过脸的, which translates to "The one whose phone is bigger than face" wtf. Which is not untrue actually wtf. -__- 

Which is also why if you follow my insta (@daphiexn) you will never see my #ootd. Cause given my size, the phone covers 75% of my upper body and that's like 60% of everything I wear wtf. 

which comes out to like this wtf. 

YOU TELL ME HOW!!!  ヽ(`□´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

But ok I still love my Note2 no end kind serious. And I'm also grateful I'm still unfat despite eating so much lately wtf. My langkawi photos so fat I also cannot lol. Thank cheesus my metabolism still is higher than usual.or else I cannot make it for Chinese new year adi lolol.

3. I'm back to the singlehood lol.

Irrelevant picture cause my face looks unround here so I take chance to post wtf.
Date also irrelevant one that one refer to insta la ok lol

So yea. I'm back to being single. Again. 

You happy now Leaker? Babi I'm putting relationship-failures into your account cause all you curse me one. Scumbag friend. And you still owe me TimTams!! (╯°□°)╯︵ (\ .o.)\
Haha ok no la I dont hate you just take chance to remind you you still owe me TimTams wtf

If I am to express my frustrations to the problems that I'm facing because of the break up right now, I fear for my keyboard cause I doubt it can handle any more slamming. So I shall revisit this topic when I am in a better state. 

But I am grateful that I now have a better view on who my true friends are: those who I know I can trust, and in return trust me and have faith in my decisions despite having no facts from my side of the story. I'm thankful for them for their consistent comforting words that make things much better and so much easier to cope with. 
I'm one who has difficulties trusting, let alone opening up cause I jin like that fml. I'm trying. But even so, the biggest comfort is to know that I have you all to back me up when I need you gaiz, be it local and overseas, I feel your warmth. ♥
Sub-attachment of my gratitude towards the internet and its respective founder. Thank you for making communication so much easier. Our friendship remained as strong, if not grew stronger, because of you and the convenience you bring lolol (Y) 

I am also grateful for the events which forms my past as they have taught me lessons I wouldn't have known, and have given me a better picture of the kind of person I want to live with forever. 

Granted, my past relationships were never strong and none lasted for more than 4 months (of which, in that particular relationship, I was dreading it so much, since the end of first month, I spent the rest of the time, and a good amount of 11:11 and eyelash wishes, wishing for him to dump me wtf. Story for another time wtf.), and it does not exactly translate to the kind of impression I want people to have on me. 

But see, thing is, I choose to keep my views personal. I try my best to speak of the my past relationships and any other circumstances as neutrally as possible, keeping my terms general. I understand that at times my emotions get the best of me, and I'd say things I wish I can take back after. After awhile, I decided that the regret I feel after saying the things I wish I didn't is not worth the temporary satisfaction of releasing my frustrations, I stopped talking much about things from my point of view.
I hold on to the believe that, quoting Bernard Baruch, "Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter".
I believe that true friends will stand by me, and trust that I have made the right decisions. And I am only so, so blessed that I have so many who come under this category. 

So, dear butters (people who butt into other's business shall hereby be called butters.), if you feel whatever you hear you believe is true, by all means, believe it all you want. I honestly really don't care the source of your information. 
If after reading what I have to say, and yet you're still determined to hold on with strong believe that I am what you hear from others, - and allow me to highlight that you are judging me by one-sided stories -, I urge you to go ahead and be my guest. While you're at it, turn 75 degrees to the left and straight off the cliff where you'd find an exit out of my life thanks.

I'm not denying nor agreeing anything, for I have no idea where what things who said came from. But one thing: upon your decision to judge me at all, I urge you to take some time to reflect on yourself.

On a more joyous note, I have had 9 sets of Subway cookies in January as of today!! And also just passed Level 20 Rank 2 of Pudding Monster!!  :D 

So yea, 2013 will be great! I can feel it. :) 

Will update more soon! Promise. x.