My side of the story
Feb 27, 2013 Wednesday, February 27, 2013 | 0 comments

My phone was stolen on the 26th February.

I keep telling people its a long story but ok la its not really that long lol wtf.

These are the facts of the happening:

My friends and I were planning to go out for lunch together. We planned to meet up in uni. The three of us - M(girl), K(guy) and I, were revising (actually talking la wtf) in the library on the 7th floor while waiting for the rest . Before leaving, we went to the toilet on the 7th floor together. 

As M showed no sign of wanting to do anything more than fixing her hair, I expressively asked for her to keep an eye on my handbag, of which I left on the sink, while I used the bathroom. She responded "Mmm", so I took that as she heard me.
This took about 15 to 20 seconds (Point T0) for me to stroll in to the toilet, chat a little, take my time settling my files and handbag (consisting of my make up kit, wallet, pencil case, earphones, a tupperware of sweets wtf, and my Samsung Note 2), and entering the cubicle. 

After entering the cubicle for about 15 to 20 seconds (i.e. approx time span to lock the door, flip the toilet seat bowl, unzip and getting comfortable on the toilet bowl wtf), M told me she had a stomachache and entered the cubicle next to me.(Point T1) (which after I came out, I realized she brought her bag with her in to the cubicle, but left mine was left at the sink.)  

After about 30 seconds tops (i.e. approx time span of using, flushing and zipping up), I exited the cubicle. (Point T2)
At this time, K was already outside the girls toilet. He asked if the rest were here, so I wanted to take out my phone to whatsapp them. And this was the point where I realized my phone was missing. 

According to K, he spent - and I quote - less than 1 minute (from Point T0 as we went in the toilet simultaneously) in the cubicle. Then after having spent about 10 seconds looking in to the mirror lol wtf, he exited the gents. He looked into girl's toilet and checked that both M and I were both still in the toilet cubicle. i.e. between Point T1 and Point T2

After that, as he was waiting for us to be done (staring into the guys toilet while standing at the area between both toilets), he saw a male construction worker pass by with a drink in his hand. He did not have a bag with him. Tho K did not see which direction the construction worker came from, he feels that it is very unlikely that the worker was from the girl's toilet. 
This was around 5 seconds after he exited the gents and peered into the girl's toilet. 

Almost right after the construction worker passed by, he heard me coming out of the cubicle (Point 2)
He asked if the rest were here, so I wanted to take out my phone to whatsapp them. And this was the point where I realized my phone was missing.
After a minute or two, K called my number to find that it is no longer reachable. 

## Times are all in approximate form cause no one really times their pee WTF. 

Fortunately, my wallet was not taken. Which I actually find relatively amusing as the wallet was almost the more obvious item in my handbag compared to my phone. I made sure my phone was at the bottom of my bag. (I am very sure of that as I moved my phone at the entrance of the library, right before we headed for the toilet. So yes, I'm extremely sure my phone was with me when I went to the toilet.)

My phone still remains lost. 
Incidents after are all now just pieces of jigsaws I can't fit into a proper time frame and be 100% certain that they are 100% true as I was panicking then lol

According to the facts given, the only 4 people involved were my 2 friends, the construction worker, and I.

In course of investigation, I had, to be fair, questioned both my friends and had help from the security to check the construction worker and the site. 
I did indeed feel terrible to have to suspect my friends, but I dont believe it'd be fair to reach the conclusion of the construction worker being the thief. It would have been bias for me to blindly believe that my friends are completely innocent without having proven that I can reassure my trust in them. 
I don't want to point fingers, nor do I assume the thief, but it is a compulsory step for me to further question them in course of recovering my phone. The facts had given me reasons to doubt and suspect; I am but only trying to clarify. 

To the people who felt that I was unreasonable for suspecting my own friends, I hope the facts above had helped in giving a clearer picture. 
Because, as far as I know, trust is not exactly a very solid evidence of innocence haha. 

I thank you for your understanding. 

P.S. To the thief who stole my phone, I am grateful for you to leave my wallet behind as it has saved me a lot of trouble. However, I still hope you burn in hell ASAP.