Apr 12, 2013 Friday, April 12, 2013 | 0 comments

credits to tumblr

No one likes being judged. 
I, for one, fucking hate being judged.
I know I'm kind of slender. And I know I'm kind of asking for it when I say I feel fat.
But we girls are just born to complain about ourselves. 

There's no denying - I do eat a lot.
Most times, I'm hungry.
Sometimes I just feel like eating. 
Sometimes I give in to a binge.
Sometimes just for the fucks I eat absent-mindedly.
Sometimes, its just fucking period trying to make me look fucking pregnant.

I sometimes try not to eat so much, because I hate being stared at. 
Or, some people put it nicely, being "amazed" at the amount I can eat.
When I was thinner, I used to try to not eat in public at all, cause it makes people stare.
Sometimes I do, eat a lot, in the comfort of people I trust wont judge me, or think of me as "weird".

But I guess.
Ah fuck insecurities.

We blame the society for being fucked up.
But we dont realize that we are the society