I've got nothing left to lose.
Apr 27, 2013 Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 0 comments

上一篇真的有点不正常 哈哈

Uncle Jang with the Pohfam last night! ♥ 
So muchy loveeee ♥♥ Their first time there and I'm so happy they quite enjoyed it! :D

Better picture of old bean poh and I from the collage hehe ♥

As some of you might have already know, I lost my facebook haha. Someone tried to gain access to my facebook by changing the "email link to reset password" email to their own and idk that triggered the security or what la. 
Bottom line, I have no facebook now. 
And it isn't half as bad really. I started doing things I've been wanting to do but couldn't find time. 

Mainly being I had more time on YouTube HAHAHAHA It's like quiting smoking but taking up weed wtf. 
EH NO LA. YouTube is much better. Less human interaction wtf. And I dont wish people I barely know happy birthday for the sake of. Or see couples tagging each other on 698653 "shared" love quote photos. Or see stupid YOLOYOLO statuses/photos that completely change your impression on the people you thought you knew. 
Although, it's always a pleasant surprise when people who appear to have no fucks in the world come up with the wisest things.

I also started Line-Brushing (app)! 
I draw wan hahaha

Mega love the background! Makes it look relatively real lol. 
Took me like half an hour to get this done. To be really frank, this is an accident lol. I was so sick then I couldn't get out of bed so just toyed with it a bit. I was really just trying out the brushes and was fascinated by how the scrapper worked. And TADA! haha. Lucky la lucky.
Quite proud of it! Cause all my life I never really had much of any talent fml. But I have a lot of interests tho! The irony lol. 
After this I drew a few more but I very paiseh dare not show hahaha. I've got some friends who are really really REALLY good at drawing la where dare show haha. 
But in their defense they're really nice (they liked my feather picture hehe) and they wont laugh la but still! 

And I started something I've been wanting to pick up but just never really did ... I'm learning how to play the guitar!!
I know it's really nothing really big, but it's massive to me! I've been dying to want to play a guitar, but just never start learning HAHA Idky wtf. 
But last December my parents got my brah a guitar. Of which until now also barely touch one haha. So I decided to get on it myself hehehe. 
Just started only la. Self learn cause no one want to sponsor/fetch wtf. Outcome dunno can or not wtf. And the guitar is HUGE! For me la wtf. I CANNOT SEE WHAT I'M PRESSING HAHAHA. #ShortPeopleProblems wtf
But I'm so excited!!