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And lately I over-flare my face a lot wtf


As said in my previous post, my brain does this incredibly weird decision making where I either blog 3 times a day, or disappear completely for a couple of hundreds of hours wtf. Striking a balance has never been my forte hahaha.

Joining ACCA in HELP was one of the best things I've ever done. i'm serious. 
It's sounds extremely weird cause I've not known anyone who's taking ACCA that will encourage anyone to join hahaha. But good company makes things seven million times better! 

Last saturday we had a treasure hunt game. My group has the chio-est name: Cheezza Batatoe. Cause we couldn't pick between Cheese, Pizza, Banana, and Potato HAHAHA. We got 2nd place yow! But prizes were secondary. We had so so so much fun! But damn tiring haha. BUT it was great fun! :p

THEN, yesterday we had the ACCA orientation. Which I was supposed to be incharge of something I think but I kinda forgot wtf 
So I got there just in time for free lunch wtf wtf 
Then, cause we have the best committee in the world, 


So happened I had a sore throat wtf. So I took this chance to sing Punk Goes Pop covers I always wanted to sing to and The Pretty Reckless's songs HAHAHAHA. IT WORKED WELL HAHAHAHA. No seriously I also think not too bad hahhaha. Like, not THAT terrible la. hahahaha.
But that time all the new people were not in yet haha. After that it was all Taylor Swift and One Direction wtf.

After that in class Kunhung and I had this song stuck in our head lololol 
I dont recommend the official video haha 

It was so much fun! It was like last week when I tweeted about how I wished there was a karaoke place with TRP and PGP's songs, cause currently none (nada, no, meiyo, bo, tarak) karaoke places has their songs. WTF WHY!!! 

So nowadays if you pass by my house like 2 in the morning you can hear my private karaoke session disturbing the neighbourhood HAHA we blame it on the karaokes who dont provide me good songs like these k haha wtf 

But I think all that growling and screaming didnt do much good to my throat hahaha. Pretty much a mute nao lol wtf. 

K gtg short update is short cause.. yea hahaha 

Picture of an immaculate being to end my post wtf  #obsession