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One of my life goals is to be a professional abstract.
If such profession even exists wtf
This picture is for those you who has never seen me in real life and are sick of my face wtf. 

I have 79000 things to blog about I dont even know where to start wtf.

One of the main things is that my exams are finally over. Again lol. I have been told more than enough times that my exams are everlasting, and I cannot disagree HAHA fml. BUT this is one of the major ones. 
And this is where I leave an irrelevant note to remind myself  I SHALL NOT SLACK NEXT SEMESTER, 
of which I will conveniently forget about in less than 20 minutes wtf. 
Tho the amount of good luck wishes I got was overwhelming! I had more than a few dozens of them, and they all meant so much I'm really so grateful ♡ 
One of the best things about exams is that my parents spoil me so much! Of the two days I had exams (ikr I exaggerate my feelings a lot and make things so much bigger a deal than it actually is lol), my dad made me breakfast (O_O!!!) and my mom went all out of the way to satisfy my crazy Subway cookies cravings! ❤ 
And on the day of my first exam, I have this crazy awesome friend who brought me MORE subway cookies! And, even better, he so coincidentally got me the only flavor my mom couldn't get me! I HAD ALL 4 FLAVORS IN A DAY #cries T_____T
Then after exams I got home and had dinner at Sarpinos #CRIESSS T___________________T 
(lol no jk *touchwood* no)
And with all the food you'd think that I'd probably grow a bit of meat. Well surprise wtf.
Last night, or rather this morning 4am wtf, I was so bored of studying I decided to step on the scale for the first time since 2 month ago just to realize that I literally lost friggin ten percent of my body weight -_-
See this is why I dont like the scale. I either lose weight and not like it or gain weight and still not like it wtf I dont even know what I want fml -_-

Another thing is WHERE CAN I GET THE BEFORE TRILOGY T____T I don't mind book or movies I just desperately want to know what happens in Before Midnight. Its going to be in the cinemas by end of June in all the other countries but not in Malaysia T__T 

But really, the past month has been more than magical. ♡ Even with the crazy string of all-nighters and panic shocks, everything was wondrous. Especially when I found Guns N Roses and Nirvana. Seriously tho, they make the melody of clouds ☁☁ 

Also I might just have 78995 more things to talk about.
But I'm hungry so bye wtf