FOOD: Early Father's Day Celebration @ Yama & J
Jun 16, 2013 Sunday, June 16, 2013 | 0 comments

My family and I celebrated Father's day last Sunday because we genuinely thought Father's day falls on the second Sunday of June hahaha. I'm pretty sure we do it every year and on the third Sunday when TV channels go all "Happy Father's Day" and "FATHERS DAY SPECIAL" and we'll be like "oohhhh...". Every. Single. Year. lolol.

This is the second time we're visiting Yama & J! First time ever was during Mother's day. We loved it so much we had to go again haha.

Yama & J Japanese Restaurant is not only a sushi restaurant, it is a fusion sushi, which is create by Chef Mr. Yama-san. He have more than 26 years sushi making experience in U.S.A. During daylight, it looks like an ordinary fusion restaurant; but at night it will transform into a bar-like lounge, where disco ball with pulsating lights accompanied with latest hits songs with varieties of sushi lining up at buffet line.
They serve in both buffet and ala carte style.

For the buffet, they serve a relatively large variety of sushi. On the buffet boat, there are:
fresh sashimi
(picture from greentearedbean)

Which are really fresh really. And the variety is just crayyy. Sso is the speed of it going out wtf. 
I couldnt get a good picture of it because people swarm over the sashimi the minute its served hahaha

the other things on the boat
(picture from fatboyrecipes)

I couldnt get any pictures of the ones on the boat because... I forgot LOL
#ReasonsImNotAFoodBlogger lolol wtf


You can order some of them from the ala carte menu too!

From top: Art of Maki, Happy Sumo Roll, Lisa Crunch

Top to bottom right: Japanese Lasagna, Mango Waikiki Roll,  Spicy Man Roll

Front: Fuji Volcano Roll, Back: Lisa Crunch

My favorite of all - Japanese Lasagna! 

Mango Waikiki was actually the reason we went back haha 
And also the reason for my new found love of fusion food lol

Yama & J Fusion Buffet 
M-6-1 Palm Square 
Jaya One 
Jalan University 
46200 Petaling Jaya 

Tel: 03-7931-7372/016-381-8896

Sucky photos cause all photos are taken using phone camera hahaha. 
The food taste wayyyy better than it looks. in the pictures I post anyway wtf. 
I also overuse filters on food idk is that even legal -_-

I'm a sucker for Japanese food. And given the big eater I am, I always go for Japanese buffets haha. 
We ordered so much I can smell the waiter judging me lol. And it's not like I'm "kiasu" and want to eat my worth, but it was just.. I wanted to try everything lol. #FatBrainProblems
Also, I will forever be thankful for my speedy metabolism wtf. 

Lefam ❤
sis requested to be micked out haha

 ... but we take picture she also want to join wtf kacao mia extra kid HAHA 

Brah and I 
He looks so korean on the picture on the left I cant even o_o
And I swear he looks better in real life wtf is that where all the good genes went T__T

P.S. Pictures lie ok my face still damn fat FML